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Start you own Sports car business with Supercar Sharing®

We are growing and have opened our brand Supercar Sharing® to franchise territories around Europe and now offer experienced entrepreneurs an infrastructure for supercar rental, sharing and co-ownership. Shape the future of the supercar mobility with Supercar Sharing®.

The Supercar Sharing® brand offers you the competitive advantage you are looking for. Based in Zurich Switzerland, we currently have active trademark protection in 30 countries. In doing so, we not only strengthen and protect the unique Supercar Sharing® brand, we also provide the necessary know-how and the right platform to support you to establish your own Supercar Sharing® business - as a franchise partner, investor or managing director with entrepreneurial ambitions. We are looking for franchise partners, investors or managing directors with entrepreneurial ambitions for sports cars in Ibiza, Berlin, London, Paris, Mallorca, Marbella, Milan and the Italian Riviera. Other areas are available after verification soon.

All career opportunities are listed here:

Read more details about the franchise opportunities here:

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