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Become a Supercar Sharing Franchise Partner - Start your own Sports car company


We are growing and are looking for new franchise partners in Europe and around the world. Shape the future of the supercar mobility with Supercar Sharing®.

The Supercar Sharing® brand offers you the competitive advantage you are looking for. Based in Zurich Switzerland, we currently have active trademark protection in 30 countries. In doing so, we not only strengthen and protect the unique Supercar Sharing® brand, we also provide the necessary know-how and the right platform to support you to establish your own Supercar Sharing® business - as a franchise partner, investor or managing director with entrepreneurial ambitions.

By licensing the Supercar Sharing® brand, sports car dealers and operators can expand into additional categories in the areas of: sports car sharing, sports car rental and supercar fractional co-ownership with our own Supercar Sharing® System.

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Benefit from Image-Transfer. Registered brand in several countries, print media, videos, pictures, website etc. 


Expand into additional categories in the areas of: sports car sharing, sports car subscription, sports car clubs and sports car co-ownership


Attractive USPs, ongoing tests, market research, innovations and new developments for the supercar industry


From our booking and co-ownership system to ERP & CRM with comprehensive reports and analysis, Marketingtools Website, Database, Newsletter Tool 


Learn everything about the innovative Supercar Sharing System - from market analysis and object presentation to the successful conclusion of a contract. Tried and tested sales processes, expert workshops in insurance, rental, co-ownership & car sharing


Benefit from the image transfer of the Supercar Sharing® brand. The clear corporate identity guarantees recognition, which also has a positive effect on your regional location. Thanks to national and international marketing and PR activities, you will always remain positively "in conversation". We will continue to invest in the Supercar Sharing® brand in the future - and thus also indirectly in your success.

With your own Supercar Sharing® business, you give your entrepreneurship a meaningful, promising brand name and achieve a high level of awareness with maximum marketing efficiency.

There are 2 large spectrums in the sports car sector open to you: supercar fractional co-ownership and supercar rental.

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The opportunities, risks, and the optimal strategy.

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We are looking for experienced managers and entrepreneurs with at least 5 years of entrepreneurial experience in the luxury, franchise or automotive industry. Preferably, our franchisee has operated their own stores, rental stations, sports car garages or sharing locations independently or would like to operate some now and is looking for the opportunity to join a high-growth company or for an opportunity to expand into other areas of the automotive industry. 

Many years of entrepreneurial knowledge and proven success are therefore an important criterion for our sports car business. Our franchise partner is also well connected in the automotive, luxury, motorsport or tourism industry and has access to a network of exclusive clients and sports car enthusiasts. 

Advanced training in sales, distribution, automotive retail, business administration, marketing or equivalent is a basic requirement.

Financial resources and responsibilities:

To ensure the success of each Supercar Sharing franchise location, our franchisees are required to have their own financial resources and secure access to a fleet of sports and luxury cars. This foundational requirement enables seamless operations and sets the stage for a thriving business.

As a Supercar Sharing franchisee, you will independently manage the acquisition of sports cars and oversee the smooth day-to-day operations of your location.

Our comprehensive franchise package provides you with:

  • Expertise in All Areas: Benefit from our extensive knowledge and proven strategies in the supercar sharing industry.

  • Digital Infrastructure: Leverage our state-of-the-art digital systems to streamline operations, manage bookings, and enhance customer experience.

  • Comprehensive Marketing Support: Access robust marketing tools and campaigns designed to attract and retain customers, ensuring the successful promotion of your location.

Tasks In summary:

As a Supercar Sharing franchisee, you will play a pivotal role in the start-up and ongoing development of your Supercar Sharing location and designated area. Your key responsibilities include:

  • Start-up and Development: Establish and grow your own Supercar Sharing location, ensuring a strong presence and brand recognition within your designated area.

  • Partnership Identification: Identify and secure partnerships with local sports car garages and other relevant businesses to enhance your service offerings and expand your network.

  • Event and Marketing Program Creation: In collaboration with the headquarters, design and implement compelling event, marketing, and sales programs. Organize sports car events that captivate and engage your regional audience, boosting brand loyalty and driving business growth.

  • Vehicle Procurement and Management: Oversee the purchasing and acquisition of sharing vehicles, ensuring a diverse and high-quality vehicle portfolio. Manage this portfolio effectively to meet customer demand and maintain high standards of service.

  • VIP Customer Support and Sales: Provide exceptional support to VIP customers, ensuring their needs are met with the highest level of professionalism. Drive sales efforts to attract new customers and retain existing ones, contributing to the overall profitability of your franchise.

  • Collaboration with Headquarters: Work closely with the Supercar Sharing headquarters and the group key management team. Leverage their expertise, guidance, and resources to ensure your location operates efficiently and aligns with the company’s strategic objectives.

Read more regarding the process to become a franchise partner in the next section.


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Becoming a franchise partner with Supercar Sharing® is an exciting opportunity to join a prestigious brand in the sports car and luxury sharing industry. To ensure a successful partnership, we have outlined a clear and thorough process:

1. Initial Inquiry:
Begin your journey by expressing your interest in becoming a Supercar Sharing franchise partner. Reach out to us through our website or contact our franchise development team directly.

2. Submission of Application:
Submit your detailed CV, highlighting your track record in relevant fields and showcasing your expertise and experience. Alongside your CV, include a motivational letter that outlines your passion for sports cars, your vision for the franchise, and your reasons for wanting to join the Supercar Sharing family.

3. Initial Review:
Our team will conduct an initial review of your application to assess your qualifications and alignment with our brand values and objectives. We will evaluate your financial resources, business acumen, and passion for the sports car industry.

4. Market Analysis:
We will work together to analyze the local and national market conditions in your proposed franchise area. This includes assessing market demand, identifying potential competitors, and understanding the target demographic to ensure the viability and attractiveness of your location.

5. Franchise Fee and Agreement:
An initial franchise fee is required to secure your franchise license. The fee varies depending on the attractiveness and potential of the area you are targeting. This fee grants you access to our extensive support network, digital infrastructure, and comprehensive marketing resources. Once the fee is agreed upon, you will sign the franchise agreement, formalizing our partnership.

6. Business Plan Development:
Collaborate with our team to develop a robust business plan tailored to your specific market. This plan will include strategies for operations, marketing, sales, and customer service, ensuring a solid foundation for your franchise's success.

7. Training and Onboarding
Participate in our comprehensive training program, which covers all aspects of running a Supercar Sharing franchise. This includes vehicle procurement and management, marketing strategies, customer support, and operational best practices. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive.

8. Location Setup
Set up your Supercar Sharing location, ensuring it meets our brand standards and is equipped to provide an exceptional experience for your customers. This includes securing a suitable location, finalizing partnerships with local sports car garages, and preparing your vehicle fleet.

9. Launch and Marketing

With our support, execute a strategic launch plan for your franchise. Leverage our marketing resources to create buzz and attract customers. Host events and promotional activities to introduce Supercar Sharing to your community and establish a strong presence.

10. Ongoing Support and Growth

Once your franchise is up and running, you will continue to receive ongoing support from the Supercar Sharing headquarters. This includes access to updated marketing materials, continuous training opportunities, and regular check-ins to ensure your business remains aligned with our standards and objectives.

Are you ready to start your own Supercar Sharing business and can you identify with us? Check out the Franchise Area to learn more about our current franchise areas. Apply today!

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30 Countries

Open License Areas

Here you can find your open license areas for your Supercar Sharing franchise

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