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CHF 26'500

for example:

1 share price

Incl. 2000km 30 days 

usage per year

Model: Huracan EVO

Year: 2021

Color: Matt black

Type: 4WD

Power: 640 HP

360° Spin

Become a co-owner of exclusive  #supercars


  • acquisition cost

  • Insurance & Guarantee

  • Storage & Preparation

  • maintenance costs

  • Services & Taxes

The Supercar Sharing® Buyer protection: Our security services

Tested vehicles

Verified Members



Vehicle Warranty

Transparent costs

Flexible share sale

Further Advantages at a glance

Several locations

Resource conservation

Fair Use Rules

Professional car-storage

Like-minded community

Online live booking

Supercar Sharing® - Leading the market in the secure purchase of co-ownership vehicles


Sports cars...supercars... for us car enthusiasts, this means above all freedom, fun, speed, and the fulfillment of dreams. Founded by car collectors for car collectors and enthusiasts, Supercar Sharing® is a leader in providing a secure pathway to co-ownership of vehicles. With our specially developed Supercar Co-Ownership System®, we make it possible to become a co-owner of one or more exclusive vehicles starting from a 10% ownership stake.

In our community, many have already found their dream car, some are on the brink of doing so, and others are considering the acquisition of a sports car more rationally. For some, the sole purchase of a sports car may not seem economically or environmentally sensible. Others have had impressive experiences with sports cars and are now considering Supercar Sharing®. When considering the costs of insurance, maintenance, care, service, storage, and the depreciation of a sports car – not to mention the often underutilized time spent in the garage – it becomes clear that sharing a sports car offers significant advantages. The level of responsibility for a sports car is much higher than for an economy-class vehicle.

For all those who recognize these advantages, we have the solution:

Supercar Sharing®. 


1 Supercar + verified Co-Owners = shared costs at a fraction of the operating and acquisition costs.


This requires a shift in thinking regarding economic efficiency and, above all, a reevaluation of the sole ownership claim to a sports car. At Supercar Sharing, people come together who already consider community, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability as inherent values.

We invite you to read the following section carefully and are available to answer any questions you may have.


The further reading time is about 7 minutes.

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The advantages

  1. Safe Purchase & Checked Vehicles

Our marketplace for co-ownership based vehicles has strict criteria and rules for accepting vehicles. Our in-house vehicle experts, visits inspect and check each vehicle individually against Supercar Sharing's checklist for new and used sports cars before we purchase and share the vehicles.

This ensures that we always have perfect vehicles that meet our high standards.

In addition, we verify our members and commercial dealers with identification document, trade register extract, company address and tax number.

The advantages

2. You become a co-owner, not a tenant

You don't rent a supercar, you co-own a chosen  sports car   for a fraction of the purchase price. Vehicles in the category over CHF 200,000  are often charged at over CHF 1,000 per day when rented. A week (7 days incl. weekends) costs CHF 6,000 - 8,000 including kilometers and a month with the corresponding mileage over CHF 15,000.

For comparison: With us you can purchase a vehicle share worth 20,000 francs, for example, and become co-owner of the vehicle for years to come . Since we are not dealing with a subscription either, the amount is not due annually. Co-ownership is therefore not comparable to renting or a subscription.

The advantages

3. Shared Ownership - The clever alternative to leasing and sole purchase 

When leasing also:  leasing (renting) - is a paraphrase for rent... here you are not the owner, but pay a monthly rate for being allowed to use the vehicle... even in winter. After the leasing contract has expired, you can return the car, buy it or extend the contract.  ​​

Case study leasing a Rolls Royce Phantom:

For sports cars over CHF 200,000 , people in Switzerland are happy to pay an amount of around CHF 40,000 in advance in order to then contribute more than CHF 2,500 a month to the leasing company over an agreed term of, for example, 48 months... oh yes, there’s also the annual percentage rate of an average of 4% annually which is added to the calculation.  

Means you pay over CHF 100,000 including the down payment for a term of 48 months,  to use the vehicle.

According to the case study, over 40% of sports cars are leased vehicles. 


For comparison: We can offer such a vehicle via our co-ownership system with a maximum of 10 shares for CHF 22,500.

You do not pay a deposit here and have no monthly costs. In addition, when you sell the vehicle, you get your share back in terms of value, taking into account the loss in value.   

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The advantages

4. Savings through cost sharing

Vacancy, depreciation, maintenance, upkeep, insurance, and maintenance is shared with the other co-owners of the supercar. In addition, we guarantee the highest insurance protection  for all eventualities as well as the vehicle guarantee. This is how we achieve the optimum with our solution and you save 5-10 times the acquisition costs and the annual operating costs. 

The insurance a supercar with a value of, for example, CHF 300,000 costs between CHF 3,500 - 50.00 per year. On their own , such costs are rather inefficient, especially since the vehicle is not used 90% of the time.  Within our sports car community, for example, you pay an annual insurance premium of around CHF 450 - 650 with 1 vehicle share. That's a tenth of the premium.

Important: The biggest factor in vehicle budgeting is the enormous loss in value of sports cars. Exceptions here are limited special models and hypercars. Thanks to our co-owner principle, you no longer have to bear the loss in value alone, but spread the risk with the people involved in the sports car.

For example, a Ferrari 488 Spider that was brand new at the time for about CHF 290,000 costs about CHF 230,000 after about a year and 16,000 kilometers driven. That is a loss of CHF 60,000 that a single person would otherwise have had to bear alone. According to our survey, the loss in the sports car industry was previously taken for granted and accepted because of the lack of options on the market.

For comparison

If you share the same vehicle through Supercar Sharing, the loss in value will be shared with the co-owners involved. The charge is therefore around CHF 6,000 instead of CHF 60,000.


Material is protected by copyright. Supercar Sharing®

Supercar Sharing - Visual EN


The advantages

5. Sustainable commitment

Thinking and acting together saves resources and thus significantly reduces our footprint in the environment. It is well known that vehicles of this class are often only produced for short-term consumption. In addition , leasing means that vehicles can be sold quickly  favored. The result is an overabundance of sports cars that are underused and have a disproportionately high environmental impact during manufacture. Unfortunately, the price for our prosperity and overconsumption is paid unnoticed by others, according to a study by the Oxfam organization . As a meritocracy and passionate sports car enthusiasts, we have so far paid little attention to this. However, it is becoming increasingly important and we are following this topic vigorously.  


Through our co-ownership marketplace, we bundle the demand for vehicles to a defined number of people who want the same vehicle anyway. Additionally  10 more vehicles do not burden road traffic and the resources and materials used for this are saved.  Sharing will  1 vehicle  used by 10 people. 

Engagemen Nachhaltigkei
Porsche 911 992 Turbo S PDK - Supercar Sharing.jpg

Supercar sharing


A sharing vehicle: Porsche 911 992 Turbo S Coupe

The advantages

6. You are part of a unique community

You are among like-minded people .... At you become part of a vehicle-enthusiastic community and are among like-minded enthusiasts, collectors, entrepreneurs and people who are passionate about driving extraordinary vehicles and either want to expand their portfolio or want to drive several supercars as co-owners. 

The advantages

7. Easily buy and sell shares

Buy or sell your share on our exchange if you want to sell or change a vehicle share.

Simply go to advertise  or contact our customer service.  

In general, we sell a vehicle from a threshold where the depreciation progresses towards the driven  Kilometers increases. With our measured values and market price indicators for used sports cars, we can determine fairly precisely when the ideal time of sale of a vehicle will be reached. The owner approves the sale of a vehicle, including all shares, when the loss in value threshold is reached, in order to avoid any unexpected  To experience surprises. We usually use the vehicle for 3 to 5 years  and for some limited models even longer.


We look forward to your inquiry. Not a member yet? Over 800 members trust Supercar Sharing. Sign up and take part in exclusive Co-Owner bid's.

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