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Supercar co-ownership & sharing.  #Supercarsharing


Do you operate a garage or rental station for exclusive vehicles or do you own a special specimen? We invite you to join our verified dealer network. There, you can showcase your vehicle or entire collection on our public marketplace for vehicle collectors and enthusiasts who seek alternative purchase methods.

Why advertise on Supercar Sharing®?

According to our sports car consumption case study, consumers are seeking more profitable alternatives than leasing, long-term rentals, or outright purchases. We specifically cater to expatriates, travelers, entrepreneurs, and similar groups who do not permanently reside locally and prefer occasional, more efficient vehicle usage. With over 1,300 members and more than 200,000 website visits, we are an independent platform and service provider that offers your garage an additional sales channel to a new customer base.

Time is also a factor. Exotic vehicles often remain unsold at dealerships or unused in garages for between 3 and 12 months or even longer. With our Supercar Co-Ownership System®, you can offer shares in exclusive vehicles to interested parties within a comparatively short period and significantly shorten the sales interval. We provide comprehensive sales and marketing support and offer employee training upon request to ensure that your customers receive the best possible advice on co-ownership financing.

Who is our platform suitable for?

Our independent system is offered by partner garages and suppliers in our dealer network as an additional option to leasing and outright purchases. This allows you as a dealer to also appeal to customers for whom leasing and outright purchases are no longer suitable solutions from the perspectives of sustainability and cost efficiency in today's times. It is also ideal for customers who only use vehicles for short periods and have previously accepted larger trade or loss deficits.

We guarantee a straightforward purchase process, as the vehicle purchase will be directly handled by us with the full purchase price.

Your advantages

✓ No listing fees

✓ Independent financing option in addition to leasing

Shorter sales interval

  A community of vehicle enthusiasts and collectors have access to the listing

We take over the bureaucracy in the background

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Procedure 1 of 4

  1. Advertise vehicle

Advertise your sports car via our vehicle exchange. You are also welcome to send us a link with all vehicle details. We will then automatically enter the information into our database.

Important: Addition to Autoscout24 and other platforms:

If you have also listed the vehicle on Autoscout24, Mobile, Autotrader, Carwow or other platforms, you can add the financing options to your advertisement as follows:

"Co-ownership financing possible via

Supercar Sharing®"

This means you are officially connected to Supercar Sharing and customers are informed about our financing option.

Marketing support:

We also provide you with newsletter and marketing templates as well as brochures to promote sales and provide your customers with optimal information. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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2. Visits

As soon as we have collected the advertised number of interested parties, we manage the viewings of the vehicle with the interested parties. We will contact you for a possible viewing appointment including a test drive.

Procedure 3 of 4

3. Purchase contract & takeover

After the interested parties have decided to buy the vehicle, we make the transfer to the account you have specified and take over the vehicle step by step.

Sequence 4 of 4

4. Deletion of the advertisement

After the vehicle has been successfully taken over, we will delete the vehicle's advertisement. 


✓ Your ad will appear on at no additional cost

✓ Submit an advertisement easily and reliably in just a few minutes

✓We check the data and publish the advertisement 

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