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Automobile passion is a worldwide, emotional movement. It's about more than just vehicles. It's about spirit, passion for motorsport ... The aesthetics of automotive engineering, performance, pure emotion and team spirit . This is exactly what Supercar Sharing® embodies as a community of like-minded vehicle collectors and enthusiasts.  

Join the exclusive Supercar Sharing Club and enjoy access to everything we do.

The advantages of the Online Membership:

✓ Access only for verified and registered members (handpicked)
✓ Access to our exclusive Supercar offers
✓ Opportunity to participate in co-owner tenders 

Online Membership Fee:
Free of Charge


The advantages of the Membership Blue:

✓ Value credit of CHF/€ 199 when purchasing a vehicle share
✓ Access to our exclusive Supercar offers
✓ Opportunity to participate in co-owner tenders 
✓ Invitation to events and networking events
✓ Access to our online network of collectors, car enthusiasts and entrepreneurs (+800 members)

Online membership fee 1 (year):
CHF | €499

The advantages of the Supercar Club Membership (from CHF 6,500):

The benefits of official Supercar Club membership:

✓ Internationally available

✓ Deposit-free vehicle rental, category B,C

✓ Membership card

✓ -10% discount on your vehicle rental

✓ Invitation to Supercar events including:

✓ Experience days

✓ Networking events

✓ Track days, trips to Monza and Co.

Membership fee Club (CH and EU) 1 year:CHF | € 6,500

Membership fee for category A vehicles, 1 year:CHF | €15,000

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Enthusiasm for sports cars is a basic requirement. The minimum age to join our club is 28 years. As a Supercar-Sharing vehicle owner or co-owner, you receive a special benefit for joining the club.


Application / application for membership

You can register online with the official Supercar Sharing® Club right away.

Please fill this out completelyonline entry form out. Our staff and board of directors carefully review each grant application, so it may take 2 to 7 days to process your application.

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