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Supercar Club - Supercar Sharing, Switzerland, Europe Supercar Club
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Our Supercar Club was specifically designed to meet the needs of car enthusiasts both nationally and internationally, particularly for avid travelers. Through our extensive referral network, we are delighted to welcome over 1,000 active members to our club today. Our goal is not only to assist tourists and local enthusiasts in choosing their dream cars but also to provide personal care at our on-site locations. Our dedicated team is available for all concerns, whether it be regarding vehicle storage, vehicle registration, travel concierge, outings, or participation in our Co-Owner fleet.

Automotive passion transcends a global, emotional movement. For us and our members, it represents the spirit of motorsports, the passion for the aesthetics of automotive engineering, performance, pure emotion, and teamwork. This essence forms the core of Supercar Sharing®, a community of like-minded vehicle collectors and enthusiasts.

Central Location & Ideal Hub
The Supercar Club in the Heart of Europe

Our main location in Switzerland boasts a central position, facilitating quick travels and excellent connections to Italy, Austria, France, Monaco, and Germany. Through regular vehicle checks and compliance with all regulatory requirements, we maintain the highest safety standards for vehicle travels in Europe.


This ensures that our members can not only share their passion for cars but also explore the roads of Switzerland and the EU area safely and comfortably.

Join our exclusive Supercar Sharing community and experience full access to everything we represent. We offer two levels of membership. Additional benefits of our club include:


The advantages of online membership:

✓ Access only for verified and registered members (Handpicked)
✓ Open to expats and frequent travelers from all nations
✓ Access to our exclusive Supercar offers
✓ Opportunity to participate in Co-Owner bids
✓ Access to helpful tools like the Vehicle Share Calculator
✓ Vehicle registration services with Swiss approval
✓ Purchase and usage rights of vehicles in Switzerland
✓ Vehicles with EU-wide driving authorization

Online membership fee:
Free of charge


Supercar Club

The advantages of Membership Blue:

✓ Credit of CHF/€ 199 when purchasing a vehicle share
✓ Access to our exclusive Supercar offers
✓ Possibility to participate in co-owner bids
✓ Invitation to events and networking events
✓ Access to our online network of collectors, car enthusiasts and entrepreneurs (+1000 members)
✓ Access to our showroom premises and storage (free coffee and soft drinks)
✓ 1 concierge hour included free of charge (travel support, booking support)
✓ 1 free vehicle trip check before vehicle collection
✓ 1 Free, additional vehicle preparation (interior and exterior) worth 250 CHF
✓ Secure storage and parking options for your own vehicle at our locations

Membership fee 1 (year):
CHF | €499