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Audi RS6 Avant: The perfect Family estate supercar joins the Collection

Dear Supercar Sharing Friends and Members,

In an exhilarating addition to our Supercar Sharing® Collectors Fleet, we are thrilled to introduce the latest beauty that has entered our exclusive lineup – the Audi RS6 Avant 4.0 V8 in Navarra Blue. In this blog article, we delve deeper into our process, exploring how this particular vehicle was chosen and integrated into our fleet.

This fully specified vehicle with a new Price tag of over 180.000 CHF, is a supercar family estate, equipped with a 4.0-Liter-V8-Biturbo-TFSI engine unleashing a staggering 600 horsepower, coupled with all-wheel drive for a reliable driving experience – perfect for winter cruises and long journey.

Part of our Concierge Collection for International Collectors

This particular Audi RS6 Avant is not an ordinary acquisition; it's the result of a meticulous concierge assignment from an esteemed international collector.

Our team meticulously scoured the market, conducted a thorough 100-point analysis covering everything from VIN check-ups to bodywork, technology, mechanics, services, history, and even the minutest details. This ensures that the vehicles added to our collection meet the highest standards.

Our decision-making process is pragmatic and collaborative, involving the main co-owner and based on the analytical but finally also emotional results. The Audi RS6 Avant was selected to cater to the needs of an entrepreneur who values aesthetics, reliability, technology, and understated elegance for everyday use and longer trips also in winter.

Congratulations to the collector for this decision and the trust in our process. We welcome the Audi RS6 Avant to our collection, confident in its ability to meet the high standards we set for our fleet.

For those seeking an exclusive vehicle for use in Switzerland and across Europe, Supercar Sharing® offers an alternative to traditional renting – our Supercar Co-Ownership System®. With majority shareholding - up to 100% ownership - and voting rights on your selected vehicle, families and international minded entrepreneurs can enjoy ownership without the inconvenience. Our dedicated team ensures that every vehicle in our collection, be it classic cars, supercars, SUVs, or hypercars, is impeccably maintained and professionally managed.


Performance Information:

  • Model: AUDI RS6 Avant 4.0 V8 TFSI quattro T-Tronic

  • Engine Displacement: 3996 cm³ / 243.9 cu-in /

  • Cylinder: V8 / Horsepower: 600 PS / 441 kW /

  • Maximum Torque: 800 Nm / 590 lb-ft

  • Top Speed: 305 km/h

  • NP: 180,090 CHF

  • Status: SOLD with 10 Shares (100% Ownership & Voting Rights)

Your Supercar Sharing Team