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Explaining the Supercar Co Ownership System® - The Ultimate Tool for Car Collectors

The Supercar Co Ownership System® explained -  The Ultimate Tool for Car Collectors

Discover the Supercar Co-Ownership System® by Supercar Sharing, a game-changer and purchase tool for international supercar enthusiasts and collectors.

In this video, we go deeper into the details of our exclusive system, allowing collectors and travelers to own a fraction of high-end supercars for personal use in Europe. Gain insights into the process of acquiring ownership, complete with Swiss and EU-wide driving permissions.

Key Highlights of the Supercar Co-Ownership System®:

  • Fractional Ownership for ridable Supercars

  • International Driving Privileges (Swiss and EU-wide)

  • Car Management, Secure Supercar Storage

  • Supercar Sales Support & Showroom

  • Opportunity to co-own an extensive collection

  • Supercar Club with +1000 verified car collectors and members

Learn more about Supercar Sharing and join the club:


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