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Ettore Bugatti, known as the founder of one of the most important and prestigious Italian brands in the world, was an inventor and visionary. Thanks to his revolutionary ideas, he registered more than 1000 patents during his life and introduced concepts such as aerodynamics and lightness to improve the performance of vehicles.  

The Bugatti company was founded in 1909, when Ettore Bugatti moved to Alsazia, Molsheim. A few years later he designs a car manufactured under license by Peugeot, like the type BP1 Bebè: then, when the Second World War begins, he builds aircraft and aircraft engines.

After the end of the war, in order to increase the success of his brand, Ettore Bugatti focuses on motorsport, and between the 1920s and 1930s his cars dominate all of Europe: one of the most memorable episodes is winning the first of five Targa Florio in 1925.

After his death in 1947, the company was closed a few years later. An attempt to revive the company in 1987 failed for financial reasons, and Bugatti closed its doors again in 1995. A second attempt was made in 1998, and today the company is owned by the Volkswagen Group. 


The Bugatti Chiron is a work of art on wheels and features a 16-cylinder engine with 1,500 horsepower. The Bugatti Divo, named after the French racing driver Albert Divo, is another of the brand's masterpieces and was developed specifically for the racetrack. With an 8-liter W16 engine and weighing just 1,995 kg, the Divo is incredibly fast and agile. Bugatti continues to set new standards in luxury automotive engineering, and the brand's latest models are a real feast for the eyes.


As an independent platform, we offer our global community of verified car collectors and members hand-picked Bugatti models as co-owned vehicles, as well as a professional infrastructure for the secure purchase and sharing of exclusive hypercars.


At our Supercar Sharing® locations in Switzerland and throughout Europe, limousine Bugatti models are stored in secure warehouses and managed to the highest standards for our sharing customers. Currently we offer co-owner slots on the Bugatti Chiron (CH), Bugatti Divo and the upcoming Bugatti Mistral. Please contact us if you are interested.

Image by Wes Tindel



by Supercar Sharing®

360° Spin

Shares: 1 out of 10

Model: Bugatti Mistral

Year: 2024



Power:1,600 hp


  • Acquisition cost

  • Insurance & Guarantee

  • Storage & processing

  • maintenance costs

  • Services & Taxes


Example 1 share price

incl. 30 days and

3000km usage per year

Resale at a total of 50,000 km

Supercar Sharing® Buyer Protection



With the leading Supercar Co-Ownership System™ for sports car owners and collectors, you can securely buy and sell shares in Bugatti sports cars at will and become co-owner of one or more selected models at a fraction of the purchase price. Analyze the annual maintenance costs and share prices of various Bugatti models with our tool online on our website.

As a dealer, Supercar Sharing® has access to its worldwide network, exclusive access to off-market vehicles and rare collector cars in prime condition.

Service, vacancy, tax, the depreciation as well as appreciation, storage, insurance and maintenance are shared with the other co-owners of the selected Bugatti. This way you save many times the purchase and maintenance costs compared to buying or leasing the car alone and save important resources through the principle of sharing

In addition to our vehicles, we also offer first-class service and support. Our dedicated team is always available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. We ensure that each of our members has a unique and memorable driving and service experience.


We invite you to join our community and see for yourself why we are the leading choice for avid sports car drivers.

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