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The sports car sound check. Now for the first time at Supercar Sharing®.

Supercar enthusiasts and our editorial team know this too well ... You can find out about your (next) dream car online, find numerous reports, news, videos and much more ... but what interests us most is one thing. ... THE SOUND ...

It is said between us, simply a highlight! With films and videos, we like to rewind a second time to experience the sound again. Online, there are often far too many pages open at the same time to collect good impressions of exactly the places where the acceleration or the rev up starts ...

Just imagine, you go to your favorite supercar site, find yourself interested in a Ferrari 488 Pista ... you click in and suddenly it's there ... the sound check! The sound of the acceleration, the sound inside, the sound from the outside .... Brute ... This is an interactive experience ... you want to get behind the wheel straight away ....

We just did it!

Day-long research, months-long storage of the sounds of the supercars that we drove ourselves and ultimately editing in the media studio ..... a software solution and our own car engine-sound database - linked to the listed Supercar Sharing® vehicles. So, enough about the technology ...

We have made this small but striking dream of the automotive industry come true for you, independent of manufacturer. Whether classic, supercar or electric car, we collect and produce all sounds and make them available to you on our platform for a better online experience.

It is the beginning.

Over the coming months, we will continuously improve the sounds and produce 3-dimensional sound experiences in-house. We would like to thank the participating garages, in addition to our revolutionary co-ownership system, for also accompanying us on this trip.

We wish you a nice 4th Advent and have fun browsing our website ... little tip ... listen to the extreme sound of the Ferrari Novitec 812GTS.

Your Supercar Sharing Team


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