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Influence the sports car market with us

We are looking for an experienced entrepreneur in the luxury car industry to operate their own supercar sharing franchise business in Ibiza, Spain. 

Ibiza is an attractive location for operating a luxury vehicle and sharing business, with over 1.5 million visitors each year, the small Balearic island has strong potential to build a supercar sharing location.


You have 5 years experience as an entrepreneur in the luxury or automotive industry, have operated or are now looking to operate your own rental stations, sports car garages or sharing locations and are looking for the opportunity to join a high growth business or expand into other areas of the automotive industry. 

Many years of entrepreneurial knowledge and proven success are in important criteria for our sports car franchise.

Ideally, you currently operate a sports car garage or run a luxury car rental business. You are well connected in the automotive industry, luxury industry as well as tourism industry.


You independently handle the purchase of sports cars as well as the smooth operation of the location. With the Supercar Sharing franchise license you will receive know-how in all areas of your business, access to a digital infrastructure as well as comprehensive marketing support for the successful marketing of your location.


In addition, you benefit from the image transfer of the Supercar Sharing® brand. The clear corporate identity guarantees recognition, which also has a positive effect on your regional location. Thanks to national and international marketing and PR activities, you will always be positively "talked about". We will continue to invest in the Supercar Sharing® brand in the future - and thus indirectly in your success.


With your own Supercar Sharing® business, you give your entrepreneurship a meaningful, promising brand name and achieve a high level of awareness with maximum marketing efficiency.


In the sports car sector, 2 major spectrums are open to you: Supercar Co-Ownership and Supercar Rental.


Are you ready to start your own supercar sharing business and can identify with us? Apply today.


We look forward to receiving your application.

Contact person: Deivis H. Valdes (Group CEO)

Entrance: Immediately


Ibiza | Spain


Franchise Partner

What you'll do

  • Commissioning and construction of an own Supercar Sharing location

  • Identification of partnerships and participating garages

  • Purchase and acquisition of sharing vehicles, vehicle portfolio management, VIP customer care, 

  • Cooperation with the Supercar Sharing headquarters and the key management team of the group of companies

Who you are

  • Seasoned Entrepreneur with a proven track record in the automotive industry, particularly in the sports car and luxury sectors 

  • You have the financial resources, commitment and an extensive network for purchasing sports cars or you own several sports cars yourself

  • The sports car/luxury industry and motorsport industry is a great passion and an important part of her life

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