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Opening of the Classics & Youngtimers department

Dear members, partners and Supercar Sharing friends,

We are happy to announce that our portfolio of vehicles has grown. In addition to the current sports cars of different brands, we have now grown into the area of classic cars & youngtimers. The demand for classics has risen rapidly, just as a professional solution to drive vehicles from such a category more efficiently. Especially nowadays.

With our renowned Supercar Sharing® co-ownership and financing model, we now offer the most customer-oriented solution in the classic sports car market.

After a fundamental in-depth analysis of this market, many factors and cost centers have to be taken into account that are often underestimated when buying classic vehicles alone, despite experience. We therefore pay special attention to transparent advice, a hand-picked vehicle selection and, above all, reliable partners.

In this context, we also warmly welcome our new partner Geneva Cars SA, which is not only well known in the Geneva area for excellent service, but above all, also for classic and contemporary sports cars in excellent condition. Welcome to Supercar Sharing.

We start with 2 Classics -

The Ferrari 328 GTS and the Porsche 911 Carrera 2

Now we are looking forward to spring 22 even more! Little comparable, gives you the feeling of being in a legendary and nostalgic sports car like the Ferrari 328 GTS (known from films such as Miami Vice, Beverly Hills Cop, Derrick …). The original sound, the manual gearshift, the sympathetic flaws of the interior design, perhaps a matching suit for the men and an elegant headdress for the women in Derby style ... That awakens the Concours d'Elegance esprit in each of us.

Your Supercar Sharing Team


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