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Hubraum Munich - Our partner location in Munich

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

We warmly welcome Hubraum GmbH as the first location partner in Germany - Munich, to Supercar Sharing community.

As an established car storage for sports cars and vintage cars, "HUBRAUM" offers our customers indispensable services with excellent quality, which are necessary for the professional setting and driver changes of our exclusive automobiles. Including: clean, dry and low-dust storage of the vehicle - constant temperature in the hall - horizontal floor space - parking space for the everyday vehicle while your luxury goods are in use. Here too, discreet storage is ensured with maximum privacy. Hubraum does not offer any visible public access, which also ensures the safety of the vehicles.

Access is only granted to vehicle owners and shareholders of Supercar Sharing issued hypercars, classics and supercars. Electricity connection at every stand, compressed air connection and a dedicated petrol station on the company premises are also available with Hubraum.

We look forward to working with a first-class team and a service experience that our valued customers and vehicle collectors will love.

Further information on cubic capacity can be found on the website:


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