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Fractional Ownership of a Bugatti Chiron Sport

This is a unique opportunity worldwide.

Bugatti announced in September 2021 that there were only 40 spaces left for the current generation of the hypercar. Today (July, 2022) all slots of the Bugatti Chiron are taken. From the start, the manufacturer has insisted on only producing 500 examples of the Chiron. Thanks to the recent sales boom, this number was reached faster than expected. That is why we are particularly pleased that we can offer you a hand-picked Bugatti Chiron Sport with only 465 km via our fractional ownership system.

Open to collectors from all over the world

Become a co-owner of the Bugatti Chiron Sport, one of the most prestigious vehicles in history, benefit from high price stability and the excellent Supercar Sharing® - Collector Club services as well as the highest possible savings on the sports car market.

Our offer is aimed to collectors from all over the world and is ideal for those who either travel to Switzerland occasionally or live in Switzerland. The Bugatti can be stationed at our 2 main locations, Zurich or Bern, on request. We also offer professional, Europe-wide delivery and collection of the vehicle at your desired address.

Bugatti Chiron - Co-Ownership Invitation
Download PDF • 1.70MB

Our listed Bugatti Chiron Sport is the Bugatti with the Blue (Bleu Carbon / French Racing Blue) specification, white interior and blue stitching.

The interior of the CHIRON SPORT offers an extraordinary ambience of unmistakable luxury: It is characterized by the selection of the best materials such as Alcantara, leather and carbon and is sportily accentuated by the driving mode selector switch and the start button in black anodised aluminium.

Become a co-owner of the Bugatti Chiron Sport

In the link below you can find out more about the offer as well as the annual fixed and operating costs of a Bugatti Chiron Sport. You can apply for co-ownership and submit an application for a fractional share online. We are also happy to personally answer any questions you may have about co-owning the Bugatti.

Link to the Bugatti Chiron Sport:

Your Supercar Sharing Team


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